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Security in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing brings undeniable benefits for companies wishing to enhance productivity, reduce costs and free themselves up from the hassles of day-to-day IT management. But too often it can also raise questions of security and privacy.

LevelCloud’s solutions eliminate those concerns by equipping your applications, infrastructure and environment with the best and most proactive security measures around. We take into account every single essential component that delivers and makes up complete security.

Cloud solutions offer too many benefits for poor security to hold you back from implementation.

Security measures for our cloud computing solutions include:

  • Round-the-clock physical security monitoring of our data center facilities
  • Standardized and continuously monitored information security policy management
  • Skilled, certified personnel to monitor, manage and maintain network infrastructure
  • Use of various firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems
  • Background checks, security training and non-disclosure agreements for employees
  • Specialized threat identification and management team to counter threats of any type
  • Policies, dedicated account manager and 24/7/365 monitoring to ensure security

Don’t let poor security measures stop you reaping
the rewards of
cloud computing.

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