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Cloud Migration Services

What are Cloud Migration Services?

Cloud Migration is undertaken to transfer data in various forms from one location to another. Typically, this involves migration of all your data (email, applications, file server and other data) from your onsite servers or other hosted environment over to our data centers.

Who needs to be involved in the Cloud Migration Process?

Cloud Migration is a highly technical and planned process that involves working with outside vendors, onsite staff (IT and non-IT) and other entities as necessary. Sometimes we even liaise with Managed Services Providers or other cloud providers.

At LevelCloud, our goals for every Cloud Migration are:

  • To reduce, minimize or have zero downtime for clients
  • To work as much as possible after hours and on weekends
  • To build a parallel cloud environment so users can test before going live
  • To do all due diligence upfront so client expectations are met or exceeded

The Cloud Migration process typically involves:

We gather details about the internal network in order to be able to provide a more accurate quote, properly set expectations and ask questions so we can avoid any surprises down the road.

We ask specific questions about how people do their work. We gather information about how they print, scan, interact with applications and really understand a day in the life of the user. We even have to understand what users are doing in different departments and what their needs are.

We provide and create servers for the client’s environment. We also deploy users and get the foundation ready for the implementation of applications.

In this phase, we install software either using installation files and documentation provided by the client, or by liaising with application vendors. Most common applications like Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader come pre-installed in our LevelCloud workspace solution.

A test group of users play around with the cloud environment and undertake the usual things that they do when they are working on their desktop. This allows us to resolve unforeseen issued before going live.

We have automated the process of migrating entire Hosted Exchange or on premises Exchange Environments to our Microsoft Exchange environment. We transfer all contacts, calendars, public folders and even auto complete files. Entire mailboxes are copied and synced with production data, so when the cutover happens there is no loss of email and users have a great experience.

Depending on the amount of data being moved, we either sync data over the WAN connection, or request a hard copy from the provider and copy the data over the weekend. We find the best option based on go-live deadlines and the client’s comfort level.

We check to make sure that the data is accessible from the client’s applications and that there are no issues with reporting, queries, launches, etc. This is a verification step before going live, and is usually undertaken on a weekend.

We conduct live GoToMeeting sessions to introduce users to their new cloud environment. We show them how to access work and how to undertake their usual tasks. We conduct as many training sessions as necessary to ensure that users feel comfortable and are ready to work on the day of going live.

This is the day when the client is amazed, thrilled and sometimes nervous to work from the cloud. Since a lot of due diligence has gone on prior to going live, the user experience is nothing but fantastic. Some users adapt more quickly to the new environment than others; but with the support of our staff, documentation and additional hand holding, we are able to make sure that users are more productive in the cloud environment.

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