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Do you have questions about our services? Look here first - below are some of the queries we receive most often.

LevelCloud is a FIT Brand. FIT is headquartered in Corona, CA, and sells Cloud Solutions under its LevelCloud brand. FIT has clients throughout North America.

LevelCloud has been helping firms move to the cloud for several years. Today, we can migrate a client using on-premises servers to the cloud in less than 30 days, and even faster in some cases.

We do offer a demo account to test our solutions. We firmly believe in trying before you buy. Of course, we can only provide a demo environment with some common applications. If you want a Proof of Concept (PoC) with your applications, we can accommodate that request and provide you with a quote. Usually we don’t have all the client apps published or installed on the cloud servers.

Before going live, LevelCloud conducts a series of training sessions to help users understand best practices and useful features. As an option, we have gone to client sites during the go-live phase to help users ease into their new solution.

Features are added as the need arises, and provided they are compatible with the environment. We are constantly innovating and testing new technologies. We often take user suggestions and develop solutions to address their needs. This often involves working with several different vendors.

We have upwards of 350 attorneys and over 30 firms using our product today. Our average firm size ranges from 5 users to 100 users.

Our technical helpdesk is available from 6am to 6pm PST. Our network monitoring is 24/7, with a complimentary 24/7 on-call engineer to respond to emergencies. We also have live chat as part of our support services.

We do offer a very strong, financially backed SLA; however, we continue to beat it all the time. For example, our average response time to helpdesk requests has always been under 15 minutes, and our average resolution times have been under 3 hours. We do not offer custom SLAs as that creates unique challenges in our setup. Since we beat our SLAs all the time, our users have been very happy with our response and resolution times. Moreover, in a recent survey, we beat the industry average customer satisfaction index and were awarded the highest customer satisfaction in the industry.

We offer at least a 99.99% uptime guarantee with our cloud solutions.

We start by requiring our engineers to go through a complete background check. We take all necessary precautions like strong passwords, encryption, and other technologies so that your data is safe from prying eyes. We are constantly innovating in this area and testing new technologies as they become available, to further enhance the security we have in place.

Only FIT employees and clients have access to data. Clients have access to only their files and folders, and cannot see or access other clients’ data.

Our backup policy is available upon request.

FIT is a nine-year-old MSP and a three-year-old Cloud Service Provider. We were providing cloud solutions before they were called cloud solutions! FIT has had consecutive growth since its inception and has proven leadership and excellent technical staff. FIT is cash flow positive and very stable, with reputable clients all over the country.

We are a fast growing company and were listed among the top 300 of 500 leading MSPs in the world. We average between 15-20 employees. We are located in Corona, CA, and our office is in a Class A building with 3500 sq. ft. of office space.

We always say that our clients own their data, and it is even spelled out in our agreement. Therefore, clients can download all their files and folders anytime they like, 24/7. You may access your files even through a mapped drive on your local PC. Other types of data like email are very portable since we use Exchange servers, and other cloud providers will simply do an email migration. Application data like SQL databases can be easily provided on an external hard drive or, if the client has good internet bandwidth, they can download it wherever they want. We only use enterprise technologies that are commonly used.

a. Data never leaves the US. All data resides in our data centers in the US. Our data centers are in Kansas City and Austin.

Clients have access to their data. If the company fails, we have provisions in our agreement to make sure that clients are provided with all their data.

Our cloud services are provided on a month-to-month basis with no long term commitments. We take pride in being able to offer them.

FIT takes a lot of pride for being an innovative company and developing solutions at a price point that the market can bear. Occasionally Microsoft has increased prices on some of their products, prompting us to pass on the increase to our clients. Increases have been modest and we have not had any complaints from clients. There is lot of innovation going on in the cloud, and FIT is committed to providing the best value and service for our clients.

All incidental costs are covered in the Appendix section of our agreement. They include things like additional software installation on cloud servers, increases in cloud storage, etc.

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