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LevelCloud Workspace

You wouldn’t reinvent the wheel, so why build the cloud when it is already built for you? If your organization has onsite server farms at a single or multiple locations or on co-located virtual servers, then LevelCloud Workspace is for you. It allows you to benefit from moving all your applications, email and data to the cloud without having to design, procure, build and maintain a solution from scratch.

Many organizations find themselves in the IT business whether they like it or not. By harnessing the power of LevelCloud Workspace cloud solutions, you can shift your IT business to the experts and get back to the work that inspired you to set up in the first place.

LevelCloud Workspace is a business-ready Cloud Desktop Hosting Service that achieves all the goals of any organization considering the cloud for its business. You can achieve secure access to your applications and data from any device, even from low bandwidth environments and without compromising on performance. LevelCloud’s Unique Self-Service Level Platform also reduces cloud complexity and costs by streamlining the management of your IT.

When you choose LevelCloud Workspace solutions, you can expect:

  • Uptime - 99.99% guaranteed
  • Top gear - enjoy technology used by Fortune 500 organizations
  • Peace of mind - with a financially backed Service Level Agreement
  • No tie-in - just a month-to-month agreement
  • Reliability - we boast geographically separate, state-of-the-art data centers

Don’t keep on believing cloud solutions are out of reach.

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