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Encrypted Email Services

Email has become the key medium for sending and receiving standard to confidential information. However, at LevelCloud, we understand that Encrypted Email Services are only useful if properly implemented and simple to use. Email encryption services from LevelCloud require no installation, configuration or maintenance. For the ultimate in security, they allow you to encrypt each of your email messages for both the sender and receiver – even if the receiving user is not part of your organization.

Opt for Encrypted Email Services from LevelCloud for:

  • Proper protection for the sensitive and confidential information you transmit by email
  • A safeguard against the millions of spam messages that attack mailboxes daily
  • An additional layer of security against widespread email-based threats
  • A more secure alternative to the insecure public network your email system currently uses

LevelCloud’s Encrypted Email Services offer email encryption without the fuss you might expect. There is no need for the end user to take any additional action to encrypt an email; each message is scanned for sensitive information. If any is found, your policies decide whether the email is encrypted, routed or blocked.

Dual encryption balances security with ease of access for both senders and recipients within your organization, and external recipients. Our encryption management infrastructure has the scalability to store encryption keys for virtually any email address in the world, while we also provide round-the-clock support to monitor and secure the infrastructure that makes it all work. We provide our Encrypted Email Services with a 99.999% availability guarantee, backed up by our Service Level Agreement.

Ensure your email system is both secure and easy to use.

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