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Cloud Exchange Hosting Services

Cloud Exchange Hosting is a secure, always accessible option that is already used and trusted by enterprise-level businesses around the country. Cost effective and secure, Cloud Exchange Hosting Services from LevelCloud ensure that everything is taken care of.

If email is the pinnacle of business communication, then Microsoft Exchange is the king of enterprise email delivery platforms. Since its release nearly two decades ago, it has become the first choice email platform for large-scale enterprises. LevelCloud’s Cloud Exchange Hosting Services combine the latest from Microsoft Exchange Server with a scalable, reliable and robust cloud infrastructure, for communications that offer security and reliability like you never knew was possible.

Host your organization’s Exchange server on the cloud for:

  • Guaranteed email performance - email is the key component of business communication, and when it fails, so does your business
  • Ease of scaling - ditch the difficulties associated with scaling in-house Exchange server infrastructure
  • Physical security - that knocks the socks off your on-premises security arrangements
  • Reduced overheads - cloud power offers significant savings over in-house purchase, operation and management costs
  • Remote access - allow employees to access their email wherever they are, often not possible with on-premises setup
  • A skilled team - without the headaches of finding, hiring and retaining your own staff

Cloud Exchange Hosting Services from LevelCloud are cost effective, guarantee global email access, and offer full compatibility with Outlook as well as with your calendars and contacts. Security, backup and archiving services also come as standard.

Free yourself up and give your business the boost it needs.

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