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Cloud Email Backup and Archiving Solutions

Global organizations increasingly run communications through email. And this makes cloud email backup and archiving solutions, and the protection and retrieval of important conversations, data and documents even more important. LevelCloud’s Cloud Email Archiving and backup services for businesses enable indexing and make each email message easily searchable.

Our email archiving service helps you in:

  • Capturing all incoming and outgoing email messages
  • Ensuring the preservation of sensitive data in emails
  • Providing actionable process on email data search and discovery requests
  • Adhering to data compliance and protection laws
  • Cutting ongoing IT costs with the cloud-based delivery model

LevelCloud’s Cloud Email Backup and Archiving Solutions offer fast and flexible email migration and archiving, and the ability to protect your data and ensure data compliance. With full support for migration and archiving in virtually any file format, our solutions will help you have more confidence in the integrity of your email system. Better still, flexible storage capacities and reduced overheads allow you to cut your IT expenditure and regain control over your budgeting process.

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