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Cloud Messaging and Collaboration Services

If you’re looking to increase your company’s productivity, then Cloud Messaging and Collaboration Services from LevelCloud could be the way. Unleash the power of the cloud to maintain a globally connected workforce, and give your employees the power of web-based email, file sharing, online storage and much more.

Cloud Messaging and Collaboration Services from LevelCloud offer:

  • Collaboration - share documents and enhance interaction for boosted productivity
  • Uptime - ensure the data you need to work with is always available and accessible
  • Mobility - access your files and documents from any device and from anywhere
  • Security - protection for you, your data, your clients and your staff
  • Savings - enjoy flat-rate solutions that include maintenance and support

LevelCloud’s cloud services include:

Cloud Exchange Hosting Services

Cloud Exchange Hosting is a secure, always accessible option - it is cost effective, secure, and ensures all your requirements are taken care of. If email is the pinnacle of business communication, then Microsoft Exchange is the king of enterprise email delivery platforms.

Cloud Email Backup and Archiving Solutions

Global organizations run ever more communication through email systems, and email backup and restoration solutions become all the more important. LevelCloud’s cloud-based Email Backup and Archiving solutions enables indexing and makes each email message searchable.

Encrypted Email Services

Our Email Encryption services are easy to use and require no installation, configuration or maintenance. Organizations can encrypt each email message for both the sender and receiver – even if the receiving user is not part of your organization.

Office 365 Hosting Solution

Office 365 Hosting brings in all your favorite Office applications with enterprise-class communication, collaboration and security features delivered from Microsoft’s own cloud. From the latest in Office suite apps, email, web hosting, online collaboration and data security, Office 365 is a complete business productivity solution for small businesses to large-scale enterprises.

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