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Cloud SQL Database Hosting Services

Cloud SQL databases have become one of the key components within the information-driven business landscape. From CMS-based websites and e-commerce websites to service industries, all successful businesses leverage databases to deliver information and data in real time. LevelCloud’s Database as a Service (DaaS) offering is unique in that it brings simple, secure and reliable database administration and management services to every business.

LevelCloud takes the pain out of database management by providing a robust, automated, scalable and managed database hosting service, which is delivered on top of a scalable database infrastructure.

LevelCloud’s SQL database hosting infrastructure is designed to host and provide enterprise-class database hosting services. It allows you to select and customize database resources based on your current needs and future requirements, and to scale your database from a single server to hundreds of servers and a massive pool of storage.

When you work with us, you enjoy support for popular database solutions including Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, NoSQL and Oracle. No matter the database expertise and skills set of your database administration team, LevelCloud can always be your one stop destination for database hosting needs.

Other benefits of Cloud SQL Database Hosting Services from LevelCloud include:

  • Unrivaled security - military grade encryption techniques to bulletproof your databases
  • Web-based management - administer your database wherever you are, as if you were on site
  • Cost savings - LevelCloud’s flat-rate options allow you to slash expenditure
  • Expert support - our knowledgeable team is available 24/7, every day of the year

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