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At LevelCloud, each of our suite of IT solutions is tailored specifically to meet the needs of your organization. From startups to enterprises, any business can select backup, messaging, collaboration, cloud hosted solutions, managed cloud services and more. What makes us unique is our ability to customize the solutions for your industry.

Cloud Hosting Services

We offer hosting for all the critical components that make up your Windows network. Our hosting services include Active Directory Hosting, Application Hosting, Exchange Hosting, Database Hosting, Load Balanced Servers and File Server Hosting. Additionally we also host Linux applications. All of our hosting comes with our 99.99% uptime guarantee.

LevelCloud Workspace

Covering major industry verticals such as legal, insurance, manufacturing, construction, accounting, finance and engineering, LevelCloud has turnkey cloud-based application hosting, communication, collaboration, storage and disaster recovery solutions specific to your industry. Just because your industry is not listed here does not mean we cannot host your applications; give us a call and we will be happy to get to know your needs and offer recommendations.

Cloud Messaging and Collaboration Services

Unleash the power of internet-based messaging and collaboration services to maintain a globally connected workforce. Give your employees the power of web-based email, file sharing, online storage and much more and let them benefit from a flexible working experience.

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

LevelCloud’s solutions include backup and disaster recovery platforms that are built from the ground up, with business continuity and uninterrupted service delivery as the key objectives. Our cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions ensure optimum uptime and availability of your backup data, files and applications. Our online and cloud backup solutions, as well as hybrid cloud backup solutions, are tested by our engineering team. Save the time and hassle of evaluating different vendors and work with a single vendor for all your technology needs.

Cloud Management Services for LevelCloud Products

It takes more than just world-class infrastructure to deliver cloud services. That’s why we have hired and orchestrated the best cloud management team to do the IT and cloud heavy lifting for you. Our cloud services come with helpdesk support, 24/7 Network Operations Center provision and seasoned engineers who can respond to and resolve your support requests and adhere to our Service Level Agreement. We can even offer services to manage your local network, including all the devices.

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