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Manufacturing Desktop in the Cloud

IT is quickly becoming a catalyst for process and product change in manufacturing units. It’s no longer considered a support services department, but an integral part of the manufacturing process. Manufacturers, regardless of size or product, want to make their operational workflow simple for internal employees, distributors and suppliers.

Although traditional on-premises IT infrastructure provides a number of benefits, it lacks the flexibility and agility to keep up in a data-centric and fast-paced modern manufacturing environment. Cloud computing is the answer, drastically simplifying the process of developing, deploying, managing and delivering IT-based manufacturing solutions and services.

LevelCloud’s Manufacturing Desktop in the Cloud helps you to:

  • Be precise - with IT that supports you technically, functionally and economically in ensuring accuracy
  • Collaborate - Increase interaction and share product knowledge with suppliers and distributors
  • Speed up - cloud-based systems are faster to deploy, easier to customize and less expensive to buy and maintain
  • Be flexible - with technology that provides the dynamism required in a highly collaborative manufacturing environment

Manufacturing Desktop in the Cloud from LevelCloud can be deployed to capture knowledge and manage business rules in core manufacturing processes, with business intelligence analytics and reporting tools that offer in-depth analysis. Cloud-based collaboration tools allow you to deliver real time order status, delivery updates and production forecasts to distributors, and to ensure that your entire production team have electronic access to critical product documentation regardless of their physical location.

Agile product development comes easily with collaborative development platforms, while streamlined delivery of services free you up to focus on and invest in new products and strategies, strengthening your firm’s bottom line. IT management and maintenance is handled by LevelCloud, releasing your team to concentrate on driving profits.

Take manufacturing to the next level with IT
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