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Lexis Juris® Cloud Hosting Services for Law Firms

Drive efficiency in your law practice and increase your billable hours by implementing Lexis Juris® Cloud Hosting Services from LevelCloud. With our expert migration solutions, you can take to the sky with cloud-powered Lexis Juris® and other software solutions that give you guaranteed 99.99% uptime, security measures and more time to focus on serving your clients.

What’s more, LevelCloud’s Lexis Juris® Cloud Hosting Services can make your legal practice more efficient by removing the need for you to worry about costly on-site servers and ongoing maintenance costs. With us, you just pay one flat monthly fee - bringing predictability to both your work and your budget.

Lexis Juris® Cloud Hosting Services from LevelCloud bring you:

  • Mobility - access Lexis Juris® and your data from any internet-connected device
  • Discovery - get to emails, schedules, graphics and other data with ease whenever you need to
  • Productivity - no matter where you are, get access to the resources you need to do your job efficiently
  • Comfort - bring your existing applications with you to the cloud, to minimise change and disruption
  • Uptime - our data centers are US based and boast 99.99% guaranteed uptime
  • Security - award winning preventative measures mean functionality without compromising on security
  • Collaboration - exchange with clients and colleagues with ease thanks to enhanced communication tools
  • Savings - slash overheads and benefit from predictable monthly IT expenditure

LevelCloud provides Lexis Juris® Cloud Hosting Services that support client and case management, financial management, business development and risk identification, analysis and management. We support industry specific software solutions and generic productivity applications including Intuit, Microsoft Office, Timeslips, WordPerfect, Quickbooks, Needles and more.

Lexis Juris® is an enterprise-class billing, financial management and accounting application for law practitioners and legal firms. Benefit from ease of use alongside comprehensive accounting and financial analytics, streamlined billing and collections, and time and expenses tracking. LevelCloud’s Lexis Juris® Cloud Hosting Services provide robust, secure and internet-based global access to the Lexis Juris® application, deployed, hosted and managed on the LevelCloud application hosting infrastructure.

With LevelCloud on your side, you can focus on the financial and accounting management of your firm without worrying about your IT infrastructure and maintenance. Our experienced migration specialists have helped many law firms make the move to the cloud, and we are very proud of 100% customer satisfaction rate. Any computer application your law firm utilizes as part of its day to day business can be hosted with LevelCloud Cloud Hosting Services. From Lexis Juris® to Microsoft Office, we take care of it all.

Lexis Juris® is not affiliated with LevelCloud or Forum Info-Tech. Forum Info-Tech is not an authorized reseller or support provider of Lexis Juris® products or services.

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