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Insurance Workspace in the Cloud

Like any other industry, the introduction of IT services like cloud computing in insurance services is inevitable. With the core benefit of providing cost effective IT solutions and services, an Insurance Workspace in the Cloud provides new opportunities to offer products and services, reach and collaborate with customers and partners, and most importantly generate revenues.

Insurance Workspace in the Cloud solutions from LevelCloud permit:

  • Flexibility - to add, scale and manage IT resources as and when required
  • Collaborate - increase productivity and speed up insurance processes with a suite of online tools
  • Partner - with agents and other stakeholders, by delivering data and files no matter where they are
  • Save - cut investment requirements and ongoing overheads, with rapid IT acquisition and deployment

LevelCloud’s Insurance Workspace in the Cloud provides a unified collection of IT solutions and services to meet the needs of the insurance industry. Our entirely managed platform doesn’t require any backend management or maintenance, and is a reliable and always available source of IT solutions and services to drive greater productivity and efficiency in your firm. It can save you money, too, thanks to a flat monthly rate subscription with no other hidden costs.

Deploy Insurance Workspace in the Cloud solutions by LevelCloud to enjoy the benefits of instant, constant and global access to your critical industry-specific applications, without the cost and hassle of developing and maintaining an internal IT infrastructure. Our powerful servers ensure that your staff and partners benefit from a fast and reliable application experience, and so can work at their best, even when on mobile devices with low bandwidth.

You can take critical data with you wherever you go thanks to the sharing capabilities of our cloud services, which also enable you to securely collaborate on documents with customers and partners in real time. More effective communication is also a breeze thanks to uninterrupted email capabilities backed up by archiving, spam filtering and encryption features. Finally, your team can access their full feature desktops from wherever they are in the world, just as if they were sat at their desk. Needless to say, all of this is possible without the need for IT expertise in-house, given your entire solution is hosted and managed by LevelCloud.

The risk of not adapting to cloud technology
is simply too great.

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