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Financial Desktop in the Cloud

The finance industry is heavily dependent on technology to automate and perform its core processes. Banks, financial institutions and consultancy operations rely on the features and abilities of a Financial Desktop in the Cloud. Cloud-based IT solutions for financial services provide endless benefits in terms of agility, flexibility and cost efficiency in procuring and utilizing IT resources. Your organization can move its applications, email and data to the cloud, without having to design, procure, build and maintain an IT infrastructure solution from scratch.

With LevelCloud’s Financial Desktop in the Cloud solutions, you can be:

  • Agile – with technology that enables you to be quick to respond, act on and process financial transactions
  • Secure – data is secured under a military grade encryption scheme within a highly secure and certified data center
  • Productive – utilize a myriad of feature rich cloud applications to improve business functions
  • Cost effective – cloud-based applications cost far less than those on premises
  • Global – provide remote access to applications and data to your employees
  • Straightforward – simplified processes become easy with a suite of effortless IT capabilities

The LevelCloud Financial Desktop Workspace is a business ready, turnkey cloud solution for financial services, purpose built to solve the IT needs of professional services organizations. It enables you to access financial applications, servers, storage and more, all under one umbrella. You can operate your entire financial services business from the LevelCloud workspace, from a single server to an entire IT infrastructure, while keeping costs in check and bringing predictability to your budget with our all-inclusive, flat monthly fee solutions.

Our packages include the ability to source, deploy and host virtually any application, and to integrate a number of popular financial and business applications. You can choose from a budget friendly virtual private server or a completely dedicated server to power your intensive financial applications, services and workflows. Our Financial Desktop Workspace solutions are scalable, meaning you can flexibly increase or decrease the resources you require on our best-in-class, reliable and secure cloud file server. Your files are available anywhere in the world and on any device, leaving you to get on with your work wherever it takes you, while we focus on managing your IT and monitoring it 365 days a year.

The benefits of our cloud services are more than just financial.

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