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Cloud Construction Workspace

Although the construction industry is considered very traditional in its approach, it is embracing new technology faster than it has in the past. The construction industry is consuming IT solutions and services at an accelerating rate and requires access to more powerful, faster and more flexible computing resources.

However, the costs of keeping servers updated, buying or developing applications and maintaining IT services are significant. Therefore, construction services are transitioning towards cloud computing to garner the agility, cost efficiency, flexibility and scalability and many other benefits it has to offer. It enables the delivery and availability of data and applications to remote and in-field employees and staff.

Cloud Construction Workspace solutions from LevelCloud offer:

  • Global access - to all your applications and data
  • A rich user experience - for remote employees, even with low bandwidth and on mobile devices
  • Server power - dedicated resources to fuel project design and development applications
  • Efficiency - improve the supply chain cycle with collaboration and management tools
  • Flexibility - to pay for what you use and scale up or down users, apps and servers

The LevelCloud Cloud Construction Workspace provides a unified collection of IT solutions and services tailored to suit the needs of the construction industry. It enables you to host industry specific applications, source servers, and access files, your desktop and central management services online through the cloud. Benefit from a cost-effective, flat-rate and flexible means of sourcing and utilizing IT resources, and free yourself up to focus on day-to-day work thanks to a 100% managed platform that relieves your organization of IT maintenance responsibilities.

Our Cloud Construction Workspace supports the hosting and deployment of all construction industry applications, and allow your employees to access them no matter where they are working. High-end servers provide room to breathe for your resource intensive construction applications and designs, and facilitate collaboration on key construction data and files, including for remote onsite staff workers. What’s more, effective communication becomes easy thanks to secure access to email, no matter where in the world you are, and even if you are using an insecure connection.

LevelCloud’s Cloud Construction Workspace solutions help you
build something better.

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