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Industry Solutions

With turnkey purpose-built Industry Cloud Solutions for legal, accounting, financial, engineering, manufacturing, construction and insurance, you don’t need another cloud service provider. LevelCloud Workspace solution is an all-in-one IT solution for your organization. Think of LevelCloud as a vendor of choice for hosting your entire office from the cloud. Most of our clients want to get out of the IT business and eliminate the cycle of planning, purchasing, configuring and managing IT networks.

Legal Desktop in the Cloud

Technology is dynamically shaping every industry globally, and its role and importance in legal industries is no exception. A Legal Desktop in the Cloud resolves challenges and automates tasks for the legal industry. Cloud computing is also booming - from hosting legal applications to storing and collaborating on documents online through cloud storage solutions, cloud services can transform the way your legal practice works.

Cloud Accounting and CPA Workspace

Cloud Accounting solutions in the accounting industry have long made accountants’ jobs much easier. Internal accounting departments and professional services firms such as chartered accountants use the power of technology to fuel their work. Technology assists accountants in analyzing and interpreting data effectively and efficiently.

Manufacturing Desktop in the Cloud

IT is quickly becoming a catalyst for process and product change in manufacturing units. It’s no longer considered a support services department, but an integral part of the manufacturing process. Manufacturers, regardless of size or product, want to make their operational workflow simple for internal employees, distributors and suppliers. Although traditional on-premises IT infrastructure provides a number of benefits, it lacks the flexibility and agility to keep up in a data-centric and fast-paced modern manufacturing environment. Cloud computing is the answer, drastically simplifying the process of developing, deploying, managing and delivering IT-based manufacturing solutions and services.

Cloud Construction Workspace

Although the construction industry is considered very traditional in its approach, it is embracing new technology faster than it has in the past. The construction industry is consuming IT solutions and services at an accelerating rate and requires access to more powerful, faster and more flexible computing resources. However, the costs of keeping servers updated, buying or developing applications and maintaining IT services are significant. Therefore, construction services are transitioning towards cloud computing to garner the agility, cost efficiency, flexibility and scalability and many other benefits it has to offer. It enables the delivery and availability of data and applications to remote and in-field employees and staff.

Desktop Engineering Workspace

Technology has made it possible to solve many complex problems quickly and cost effectively. It is implemented and utilized in almost all engineering disciplines to solve their key scientific and engineering problems. Similarly, cloud computing is an attractive technology for the engineering industry due to its dynamic scalability and efficiency. Cloud computing delivers the fast, reliable and secure computing infrastructure needed to build the next engineering marvel.

Insurance Workspace in the Cloud

Like any other industry, the introduction of IT services like cloud computing in insurance services is inevitable. With the core benefit of providing cost effective IT solutions and services, an Insurance Workspace in the Cloud provides new opportunities to offer products and services, reach and collaborate with customers and partners, and most importantly generate revenues.

Financial Desktop in the Cloud

The finance industry is heavily dependent on technology to automate and perform its core processes. Banks, financial institutions and consultancy operations rely on the features and abilities of a Financial Desktop in the Cloud. Cloud-based IT solutions for financial services provide endless benefits in terms of agility, flexibility and cost efficiency in procuring and utilizing IT resources. Your organization can move its applications, email and data to the cloud, without having to design, procure, build and maintain an IT infrastructure solution from scratch.

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