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Cloud Computing Solutions Designed to Fit Your Unique Needs

Business Cloud Hosting for Law Firms, CPAs and More by LevelCloud


With turnkey, purpose-built cloud solutions for legal, accounting, aviation and emergency medical services, LevelCloud is your one stop for industry-specific application hosting, backup and recovery, Office 365, email hosting and more.

We deliver specialized business cloud solutions for the following industries:

Legal Services

ProLaw Hosted Software


CS Professional Suite Hosting

Emergency Medical Services

Zoll Hosted Software

Aviation Services

TotalFBO Software Hosting

With our cloud IT platform, you don’t need to be concerned with managing or maintaining anything – you just need to focus on delivering the highest possible level of service to your clients, customers or patients. It’s just that easy…

The Specialized Expertise You Need to Succeed

As a nationwide business cloud computing services provider, clients trust us to deliver a range of solutions so they can evolve, grow and succeed.

We deliver six basic categories of cloud computing services and cloud hosting support:

Workspace Hosting

Email and Exchange Hosting

Archive, Backup and Recovery

Microsoft Office 365

AWS Hosting Services

Microsoft Azure

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