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Businesses today are so reliant on email that server downtime, inconsistent performance and communication issues can bring operations to a virtual standstill. With LevelCloud, you can say goodbye to your email troubles and maximize productivity for a convenient, monthly fee. We deliver email hosting, encryption, archiving, virus filtering, storage and more. Plus, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing email service is available and accessible from anywhere and at any time.

When you choose LevelCloud email solutions, you can expect:

  • 24/7 availability – constant, consistent access to your email
  • Scalable storage – flexible options, so you never have to delete an email again
  • Native security – rock-solid security features to protect your email communication
  • Flexible access – use any Internet-enabled device and take your email with you
  • Cost savings – know what you’re spending with our affordable, monthly billing model

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Exchange Hosting

It’s increasingly important for businesses – especially ones that are subject to industry or legal compliance standards – to be able to go back and retrieve communications, data and documents sent via email. LevelCloud provides cloud email backup and archiving solutions that make migrating, protecting, storing and retrieving email quick and easy. Our solutions enable indexing to make each email message easily searchable. Plus, you’ll experience higher confidence in the integrity of your email system and your ability to comply with regulations.

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Email Encryption

Securing inbound and outbound email traffic is essential for keeping trade secrets, preserving privacy and maintaining compliance. Email encryption services from LevelCloud allow you to encrypt each of your email messages for both the sender and receiver – even if the receiving user is not part of your organization – without any installation, configuration or maintenance. There’s no need for the end user to take any additional action to encrypt an email – each message is scanned for sensitive information and if any is found, your policies decide whether the email is encrypted, routed or blocked.

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