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The power of cloud computing is that it frees your business from the constraints of traditional IT. You no longer need to own and maintain servers, upgrade software, deal with downtime or settle for poor performance. Our cloud computing solutions enable you to leverage secure, military-grade data centers to host applications, infrastructure, databases, communications and more. Even better, you and your team enjoy easy access to email, data and documents from any device, wherever they are in the world.

We deliver six basic categories of cloud computing and cloud hosting services:

Workspace Hosting
Email & Exchange Hosting
Archive, Backup and Recovery
Microsoft Office 365
AWS Hosting Services
Microsoft Azure

From startups to enterprise-level businesses, LevelCloud offers integrated cloud solutions that improve collaboration, communication, flexibility and more. Utilizing best in class vendors – including Amazon, NetApp, Cisco, Citrix and Microsoft – our solutions guarantee 99.99% uptime and deliver superior performance compared to applications running on an on-premises installation.

Industry-Specific Cloud Computing and Application Hosting Solutions

Some industries have specific requirements when it comes to security, software, storage, email and more. LevelCloud understands these challenges and provides cloud computing solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of your industry.

We offer specialized cloud application hosting solutions for:

Attorneys and Law Firms

Certified Public Accountants

Emergency Medical Services

Aviation Services

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