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Setting up and using the iPad with OS33

OS33 is proud to announce support for the Apple iPad. Please read through the following setup guide to get started. Although we feel the iPad is a fabulous device there are some limitations when using it with Citrix that you will need to be aware of. Several are noted at the end of this document. Many of these limitations can be better dealt with by thoroughly reading the help information included in the Citrix Receiver app for the iPad. Some of the more pertinent information includes how to setup and customize your workspace and supported Gestures. It will do you well to learn some of the more common gestures (e.g. Two Finger Tap = Right Click, Double Tap = Double Click etc). Now let’s get started.

1. Begin by searching for ‘Citrix Receiver for iPad’ in the App Store on your iPad


2. The first thing you need to do after running it is click the ‘Get Started’ link in the lower left corner to setup your Workspace


3. Enter your setup credentials in the General Settings and click Save when finished:

Description: This can be anything
Address: https://www.myxt.net
Username: (same as your Portal username)
Password: (same as your Portal password)
Domain: (same as your Portal Company)
Access Gateway: OFF


4. Click Applications in the upper left corner of the screen and tap the plus sign to begin adding apps to your Workspace. Proceed to tap the plus sign next to each app you’d like added to your workspace. Tap any empty space on the workspace screen to save and exit.


5. You should then be able to see the apps you’ve just added to your Workspace. Simply tap an application to launch it.


Maximize your experience with OS33 on the iPad by understanding the interface, gestures and limitations of the environment

Many of these limitations aren’t actually limitations, per se, they’re simply differences that exist due to the touch interface of the iPad. Take the time to learn these and your experience will be more enjoyable and productive. Failing to do so will likely lead to some frustration. Certain features or functionality may not exist at this time but this does not mean Citrix will not address them in a future version of the Citrix Receiver app. Also understand that using the OS33 portal on the iPad is not meant to be a replacement for the full desktop experience. Although you can be certain that as the Citrix Receiver app for the iPad matures, OS33 will continue to refine our support for it.

Please make note of the following:

  • Only one app can be opened at any one time.
  • If your app is idle for more than 10 min your session will lock and you will need to input your Portal password to unlock it.
  • As a best practice save any work and close applications before exiting the Citrix Receiver app.
  • Audio currently does not stream.
  • Although the ability to add more than one user account to the iPad exists, OS33 does not officially support this functionality. We have discovered a bug when adding more than one account. If you add an additional account and refresh the application list the application list may show up for other accounts you have added. Closing and reopening the Citrix Receiver app and refreshing the application list may correct the application list for the selected account but as soon as you select another account and refresh the application list you may once again see the application list of another account you have already added. Due to this bug OS33 does not support multiple user accounts on the iPad and strongly discourages shared use in a business environment until this bug is resolved by Citrix.
  • Understand the difference between Scroll mode on and off.
  • With scroll mode on swipe screen slowly for input to take. Pinch and zoom for more accuracy. Swipe too fast and the movement won’t be properly recognized.
  • It is suggested you turn on the “Caffeine” option for your OS33 session. This option is available from the workspace configuration under > Session Options > Caffeine> Stay Awake. Enabling this feature prevents your iPad screen from going to sleep, but may decrease battery life.
  • Adding additional input devices is also an option. i.e. Bluetooth keyboard or even an iPhone as a trackpad
  • Learn the Gestures
  • Utilize the Help!

Internet bandwidth will have a direct impact on performance and will affect the user experience. Technical Support has limited experience with the iPad and is undergoing continued training to become familiar with it. Please be patient with any support related issues regarding this platform.