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Exchange Email Setup Guide for Android

This guide is designed to help users easily setup their Exchange email account on an Android device.

Setup Instructions

Important Note: This process varies greatly depending on the Android device you are using. The instructions below are intended as a general guideline to help you set up your account; however, your device’s settings will likely differ to some degree from those shown within this guide.

Step 1

Open your application list, and then select Settings

Settings will likely be one of the following icons:


Step 2

Select Accounts & Sync or Accounts (depending on your device)


Step 3

Select Add Account


Step 4

Select Corporate or Corporate Sync (if available on your device). Otherwise, select Email.


Step 5

Enter your email address and cloud password, and then click Next or Manual Setup (depending on your device).

Note: Your device may ask for the information in step 6 at this point. If it does, enter the information as explained in step 6, then select Next or Manual Setup.


Step 6

If the field asking for your username asks for Domain\Username (example AIO\trock_trl)

Cloud user: AIO\trock_trl
Cloud password: *******,.


Step 7

In the Server field, enter mail.ixportal.net ensure that the Use Secure Connection (SSL) option is checked, and then select Next.

Step 8

If you receive a security warning, read it and, if you accept, select Accept (you are required to accept or your email cannot be set up).


Step 9

In the Account Options, recommends leaving the Inbox Checking Frequency as Automatic (Push), but you can select another option as required for your needs.

You will also need to select an Amount to synchronize (how many days’ worth of email will be accessible from your device). Note: Selecting a larger number of days will increase the amount of space used on your device.

If this is your only email account setup on this device, or if you would prefer that all outgoing email is sent from this address by default, then select the box next to “Send email from this account by default.”

If you want to receive notifications when new email for this account arrives, select the box next to “Notify me when email arrives.”

If you want your Calendar and/or Contacts to synchronize between your Android device and your mailbox, select the boxes next to “Sync contacts from this account” and/or “Sync calendar from this account.”

When you have made all of your selections, choose next.


Step 10

Move the sliders to select your desired color. This option makes it easier to distinguish accounts from one another when more than one email account is set up on your Android device.


Step 11

If desired, you can give this account a nickname to make it easier to identify. Company name recommends naming the account something that makes it easily identifiable as your work email.


Step 12

If you get a message prompting you to “Activate device administrator?”, select Activate.


Step 14

You can now access your email by opening your applications list and selecting the application named Email. Depending on your connection, it may take 10-15 minutes for your emails to appear following this initial setup process.