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LevelCloud specializes in innovating and integrating the various components that make up the cloud, to create a standardized solution for end users. Our signature cloud solutions, known as LevelCloud Workspace and and LevelCloud Webtop, are designed as an alternative to the complex and expensive process of purchasing, building and securing private clouds.

Our solutions utilize best in class enterprise technology from vendors like NetApp, Cisco, Citrix and Microsoft. They come with an uptime guarantee of at least 99.99%. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors in two major areas: performance and support. Our architecture is designed for optimal application performance, with tests showing far superior performance of applications than on-premises installations, while our highly skilled in-house technical staff live and breathe customer service. LevelCloud consistently ranks highest in the industry in the area of customer satisfaction, and we take great pride in being able to offer 24/7 support to our clients.

LevelCloud is a cloud services brand created by Top 300 Managed Services company Forum Info-Tech (FIT). We are located in Corona, CA, in a high image building right off the 91 Freeway. Our suite has about 3500 sq ft. of office space with the ability to expand if necessary. We are a nine-year-old company that started by providing managed IT services to clients locally in Southern California. We expanded to provide cloud services to clients throughout North America under our LevelCloud brand. Today, we have numerous clients in various parts of the country thriving on the solutions built by the highly skilled and passionate people that work in our company.

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