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Moving to the Cloud: The Great Equalizer

How Smaller Law Firms Can Run With the Big Dogs by Moving to the Cloud

“David vs. Goliath”…  The familiar battle to survive pits your smaller law practice against giants who have the infrastructure, advertising budget and tech-savvy I.T. guru’s that you may only dream of being able to afford.

Does this mean it’s time to “pack up & ship out”?

Not by a long shot!

In sports, there are always factors that serve as the “great equalizer”… in your practice, the “Great Equalizer” is Moving to the Cloud!

What does the migration strategy look like though??

Well, let’s examine some of the key competitive factors of a competency based leadership firm:

  1. Timeliness:  knowing where you are, when document submission and court dates are looming, and most importantly, when you are meeting with clients.
  2. Organization:  being able to retrieve nearly instantly, any needed document, image, or email that is associated with your client’s situation.
  3. Accessibility:  Not having to “run back to the office to get…”.  Nothing says “mickey mouse” more than a firm that doesn’t have their data accessibility system in order.
  4. Confidence:  Being able to make tight commitments for document delivery, actions that must be taken, etc., and knowing that you can have your entire team collaborating seamlessly to turn an “impossible timeline” into a “mission accomplished”.
  5. Contact:  maintaining your client contact using a regular, personalized, yet largely automated system to give the appearance of far greater an investment of time and firm resources, than you actually need to supply that contact.
  6. Security:  Being able to combine all the functionality that instills overwhelming confidence in your firm’s ability, while knowing that if the “earth stands still” and disaster strikes, your operation will be up & running almost immediately after you get a computer and an internet connection.

The trick:  is getting it all done without depleting your firm’s budget.

Remember the title above?  Well, all of this is possible, while potentially saving your firm money overall…  That’s right… you may be able to ‘get it all’ and buy cake to eat!

The Great Equalizer

The future of legal practice is here, and it has a clear message:

“The Future Of Law Firms Is To Become Lean, Efficient Operations"

This is the “Great Equalizer”. The consumer demand for efficiency and accountability for hours billed and level of productivity per billed hour.  Although clients have been complaining for decades over hours billed and questioned the “value” they’ve received, it has only been recently that this complaint has hit the forefront.

In 2013 D. Casey Flaherty, Kia Motors of America’s corporate counsel, produced what has become the flagship for “Law Firm Efficiency Critiques”.

His study of several law firms found an efficiency gap that created an average of 500% more time spent on tasks that his own department were able to complete in 1/10th the time (to be fair he took his time to complete, and DOUBLED IT to create the benchmark completion time).

Amazingly, NOT ONE of the law firms tested, were able to achieve the benchmark, with only one firm coming in at 250% of benchmark, and some at over 800% of benchmark. So how you can see how understanding competitive advantage can be extremely encouraging at times.

These findings have been headlining conferences around the world since they were published, and are equipping your clients with hard questions backed by objective evidence…

The Cloud Shines On Smaller Law Firms

Shines? Well, “Yes” it actually does!

The reason is that the factors that make the cloud so powerful are also what make LevelCloud’s law firm solutions so affordable…

You Only Pay For What You Use.

I know… a novel concept… take a bit getting used to after spending thousands on software “annual licenses” for many features you have never used.

The Generic Building Blocks of Competitive Advantage with the Cloud:

  1. Cost Efficiency: Because you only pay for the “number of desks” using your Cloud-Based software, it can be a very inexpensive, efficient and effective for firms with smaller budgets.
  2. Bigger Than Life: have instant access to your teams, no matter where they are. Instant communications across nearly any device they have, gives the appearance of a “warehouse” of employees for your clients.
  3. Fast Response: because you and your staff can collaborate when and where they are, you not only increase your response time to client inquiries, but also instill a sense of confidence that “Wow! They are really ‘on top’ of things at this law firm…”.
  4. Cutting-Edge: rest easy knowing that all of your software is “up-to-date” and have access to the latest software, tools and applications that can make your staff’s life easier and help your firm enhance the “customer experience”.. Position your firm as a “leader” no matter what size it is!
  5. Protection: larger clients are now implementing a “due diligence” survey of their service providers… including law firms. They ask tough questions, and want to know that you have thought of them.

- What do you have in place for your firm’s I.T. security?

- Do you have full-time IT and security designated staff?

- What do you do to ensure security after the office closes?

Scary questions and ones that most firms do not have answers for.

This is another place moving to the cloud shines:  LevelCloud has security staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  These full-time ‘watch-dogs constantly update every security program and protocol.  Not only that, but part of their work is ongoing monitoring to make sure any unusual access attempts are tracked, and if coming from an unusual location, potentially blocked while you are notified to provide clearance for that location… they can lock out the hacker before they even get inside!

No matter what size your firm is, you have an unprecedented opportunity to “level the playing field” and demonstrate your ability, not your budget, to keep existing clients and attract high-quality new clients to your practice.

Give your firm the flexibility, accessibility and usability that only cloud hosted applications can provide. See what Level Cloud can do for your organization!

Contact Us Today for an Absolutely Free Trial Account, and See Exactly How LevelCloud Can Protect Your Business’s Data!

There’s no risk… no billing gimmicks or tricks – Just the opportunity to put our systems to work FREE…

We know that once you experience it, you won’t want to work without it!

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